Chronicles of the Black Company


Welcome to the Black Company

Annals of the Black Company – Extract

Quickening 542 YD

Company Physician, Croaker

We have accepted a contract with the Syndic of Beryl, despite the general disapproval of the men. Spring has passed almost instantly into summer and the heat comes in stinking waves off of the jungle to the south of the city. The stench of rot fills the air except for those few hours after dusk when the breeze blows onshore from the Sea of Torments and the temperature drops to a bearable level. The gods only know what it will be like when full summer arrives.

Our veterans are deserting in droves. They are fighters, men of honor and great deeds, not policemen. They consider the work beneath their dignity. Our ranks are thinned, and perhaps this is what the Captain had in mind in coming here. Fighters of renown can demand a high wage. New recruits cost only a pennies per day.

We have a recruiting drive scheduled for next Fireday. Should be a show at least. The city is full of ruffians and villains of all stripes. I'm sure that many of them will apply for a full time job. At least we eat three meals a day. From the looks of the streets, many are starving in Beryl. Though the Syndic is fat man, I notice.

There are recruitment posters up all over town.

Join the Black Company

See the world. Become famous.

Become rich and famous.

All manner of recruits welcome

Fighters, wizards, rangers, trap setters, spies

Think you've got what it takes?

Find out!

Fireday at noon – the Old Bastion






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